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Research and Development Institute of Applied Electrodynamics, Photonics and Living Systems

Director: Prof. Oleg G. Morozov, ScDoctor in Engineering.

Address: Post Office Box 72, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russain Federation

Postal code: 420107

Telephone/Fax: +7 (843) 238-54-97

E-mail: mwptrd@kai.ru

Website: niiprefgs.kai.ru

Structure and basic areas of scientific research:

Scientific and Educational Center “R&D Center for Applied Electrodynamics”

Director: Prof. Gennadiy A. Morozov, ScDoctor in Engineering

  • - Development of Super-High Frequencies (SHF) technologies and creation of functionally adapted reactors for industrial synthesis, treatment and processing of construction and composite materials, oil and its derivatives;
  • - Metrological support of SHF technological processes and antenna measurements including creation of sensor SHF devices on the basis of wave-propagating and cabling systems with incorporated irregularities.

Scientific and Educational Center “Fiber-optic Tecnologies”

Director: Prof. Oleg G. Morozov, ScDoctor in Engineering

  • - Designing  of the fiber-optic systems for monitoring engineering and transportation systems as well as multiplexed communication channels with an integrated monitoring system on the basis of patterned fiber Bragg grating with a phase shift;
  • - Investigation of principles for small-mode radiophotonics and elaboration of radar systems, ground and airborne reconnaissance systems of missile forces and artillery, aerospace defense, radioelectronic warfare and communications media;

Scientific and Educational Center “Technical Electrodynamics, Photonics and Living Systems”

Director: Prof. S.N. Grishin, ScDoctor in Biology

  • - Investigation of molecular mechanisms for information transfer in living systems and impact mechanisms of electromagnetic waves of different ranges on human and animal bodies in order to develop new methods for  treatment and human rehabilitation;
  • - Development of modern methods for analysis of medico-biological information, enhancement of the existing methods for analysis of video images based on human response, creation of up-to-date facilities of a nanoscale level required for practical application of advanced technologies for living systems investigation.