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Areas and Results of Scientific Research and Infrastructure

One of KNRTU-KAI’s priorities is to conduct scientific research. The university is involved in basic and applied research in the following fields:

  • Aeromechanics, design and structural tests of products and structures of aeronautical engineering;
  • Advanced composite technologies and materials for aircraft industry;
  • Physical and technical basics and technologies for creating engines and energy-efficient units;
  • Control systems and information technologies in high-tech machine-building;
  • Radio- and optoelectronic info-communication systems and  complexes;
  • Research and creation of nanostructured materials and technologies for their application;
  • Metrology of nanostructures and nanomaterials.

The research and experimental designs carried out by orders of different enterprises exert direct influence on the development of innovation sector in the region’s economy as well as in Russia: transfer of high-tech machine-building technologies into the industry, labor productivity enhancement, production cost reduction, creation of new professional work places, training employees for the industry. The topicality of scientific and applied research in the indicated fields is confirmed by a long-term cooperation with the largest enterprises of aircraft and automative engineering industries in compliance with Government orders No. 218 and No. 220. The basic competitors for promoting high-tech technologies to the market are European corporations in Germany and  Czech Republic.  

KNRTU-KAI scientific research combines fundamental and applied research of professors and students. The range of overseas scientific contacts embraces European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Swizerland) as well as the CIS-countries – Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine.

KNRTU-KAI professors and students participate in projects within the framework of Resolution No. 218 of April, 9 2010 “On state support measures for the development of cooperation between Higher Educational Institutions and organizations, implementing complex projects on creating high-tech production”.

The facilities for performing scientific research include:

  • Library, e-library systems and resources;
  • Information systems and information and telecommunication systems of KNRTU-KAI;
  • Laboratories;
  • Local computing network with an Internet-access;
  • License software package;
  • Other facilities owned by KNRTU-KAI and partner enterprises.