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Alumni & Endowment fund



Alumni Association


On December 11, 1997 the Tatar Republican Non-Governmental Organization called “The Alumni of Kazan Aviation Institute – State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev” was created at Kazan State Technical University. It had its own Chart and Program as well as a badge and an Organization Unit Identification.

Today it has over 400 members from different regions of Russia and overseas countries. Alumni Conferences are basically held every spring. The participants discuss topical issues of the university’s life and take part in official ceremonies. In 2004-2006 two editions of the book named “The University’s Honorable Alumni” were published.

Those who want to become a member of the organization need to fill in an application form.

The President is Ravil Khammatovich Zaripov, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Vice-President is Leonid Danilovich Steinberg.

Chairman of the Council is Aleksey Aleksandrovich Lopatin.

Legal address:

420111, 10 Karl-Marx Str.

Current address:

420015, App. 231, 55 Bolshaya Krasnaya Str.

Tel.: (843) 231-00-61; Fax: (843) 231-00-06.

E-mail: av-kai@kai.ru

Banking Details:

Recipient: “A.N. Tupolev KAI-KSTU’s Alumni”  TROO

INN 1654027436 KPP 165501001

Correspondent account 30101810000000000805

BIC 049205805

Current account 40703810645020000030 in “AK BARS” JSC Kazan-city

OGRN 1021600000124

OKPO 50606825




Endowment Fund


The Scientific Council made a decision to hold a Conference of the university faculty and staff regarding the implementation of a collective labor agreement signed in 2013 and the establishment of the KNRTU-KAI Endowment Fund.

Endowment Funds or special-purpose capital, as they are called by the Russian legislation, differ from normal charity funds by using for their purposes the investment income from the assets formed by contributors mainly, and not donor contributions. In this respect contributors have the right to clearly identify purposes for spending the income earned by the Fund. The most famous endowment fund is that of the Nobel, established in the late 1800s. According to the last will of Alfred Nobel, the money earned from selling his property had to be invested into reliable securities, and scientists might get their bonuses from the interests obtained from earnings.

Endowment funds are traditional sources for financing the development of largest universities in the USA and Europe. Endowment funds exist in Russian universities in compliance with the federal law of the Russian Federation “On the procedure for forming and using special-purpose capital of non-commercial organizations” passed in 2006. KNRTU-KAI is the first university in the Republic of Tatarstan where such fund was created.

The Endowment Fund is a symbol of confidence for the future that raises the international image of the University to a new level.

For the University it implies new and unique communication between the University and its associates as well as an additional, assured source for annual cash flow to the University.

For students it gives an opportunity to get scholarships for their scientific research and academic achievements, to take internships in the world’s best educational institutions and industrial enterprises and to make their students life brighter.

For postgraduate students it gives an opportunity to implement their projects and start-ups.

For lecturers and instructors it provides an opportunity to create up-to-date laboratories and classrooms and obtain scholarships for conducting scientific research.

For the University’s employees it is an opportunity to create their own KAI, because everybody can offer its project financed by the Fund’s cash assets.

For graduates it’s a possibility to preserve the University’s historic heritage and help the future generation of polytechnicians.


Creative Activities


Performance Team


 KAI Chorus Studio

 G.V. Torlupa

Jazz-Vocal Studio

 Z.E. Gainullina

“Shum” Dance Theatre

I.V. Aleshina

“Bez Slov” Dance Theatre

M.S. Nurieva

M.Z. Nuriev

KAI Theatre School

 I.N. Gallyamov