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“KAI” Scientific and Metrology Center

Director: Dmitriy V. Kratirov, PhD in Engineering.

Address: 420111, Kazan-city, 10 – Karl Marx Str.

Telephone/Fax: +7 (843) 264-58-31

E-mail: vmolochnikov@mail.ru

Web-site: www.nmc-kai.ru

The Multiple Access Center “KAI” SMC was set up as a structural subdivision of Kazan State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev in order to combine scientific and technical potential of KSTU-KAI, Kazan Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, State Scientific and Metrology Center of All-Russian Research Institute for Flow-Metering and “Irvis” Research and Production Enterprise. It was aimed at solving basic and applied tasks in the field of fluid dynamics and heat exchange as well as measurement techniques and at developing scientific, research and educational activities.

Basic activity areas:

  • - Experimental and theoretical research and scientific and technical developments related to methods and means for measuring fluid medium parameters (flow-metering facilities);
  • - Independent (certification) testing of flow-meters of various types and other samples of measuring facilities;
  • - Creation of new information technologies in flow-metering and other types of measuring facilities;
  • - Studying fluid dynamic and heat processes in complex laminar and turbulent flows (flow breakdown, flowing and heat exchange of blunt bodies in restricted, nonuniform and unsteady flows, flow breakdown control, surface intensification of heat exchange, etc.)
  • - Performing developments in a jet-related field by working out methods and means for active influence on clouds;
  • - Conducting applied research in the field of industrial ventilation and gas treatment;
  • - Use of scientific and methodic potential and laboratory facilities for training students, conducting research by Master, doctoral and postdoctoral students, creating a training and experimental basis that meets up-to-date requirements of the State Educational Standard.